Friday, October 15, 2010

An accurate summary

I saw these two works of graffiti in my neighborhood today. 
Together, I think they are a pretty good graphic representation of how I feel about living in Paris at this very second.

Swears and smiles -- the Paris hokey-pokey.  (that's what it's all about)


debbie in toronto said...

it can't be any fun this past week...just be glad you aren't a commuter trying to get to work I guess....have a good weekend eh!

Lisa said...

A love hate relationship!

Paris Paul said...

You know what's fun? Switching the words around. "Life is F*ck" / "Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful". Or, F*ck is Wonderful" / "Life Life Life". Fun, I tell you, fun.

Jo said...

Now that we're back from Paris (sob,sob) I'm catching up on your blog. I love you, MJ and I loved your posts on your vacation and especially on the birth of your beautiful little Coco (I was an "accident" too, one that led my parents to get married and live together in semi-wedded bliss for 49 years) You make me smile and LOL and even tear up sometimes.

We spent our last day in Paris at the Luxembourg Gardens last Saturday, enjoying the 25 degree weather and the sunshine with, apparently, half of Paris. I was half expecting to see you guys among the crowds and was getting my autograph-asking skills ready, but didn't spot you anywhere among the 1000's of Parisians and tourists in the park that day.

Please keep posting, your many fans need their daily dose of laughter and lightness in their lives!


Duchesse said...

Paris Paul, whatever you're on, cut the dose!;)

Paris Paul said...


LOL! Maybe I'll just share instead.

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...


I hear you. :) It's the Living in France Roller Coaster Ride, huh.

Hang in there.

(And LOL @ Paul! As you can imagine, our life is interesting, haha! :D)

Sab said...

Well, reading a few postings, I see that I've obviously been missing a lot of fun coming my way!

This posting is particularly interesting for me, because I recently posted this one on my blog which kinda combines the two ideas in one - hope and despair, love and violence, and all that. Right now (in the midst of these strikes and stuff) I'm afraid the nasty side is getting the upper hand. But it will change. Next week's a holiday.


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