Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A completely inadequate post

I don't have a lot of time today but I'm going to dash off a half-assed post anyway.  Enjoy or promptly give up on me, whichever is easier.

My solo weekend with the kids was surprisingly enjoyable.  Both Lucien and Camille were calm and well-behaved, which is further proof of my theory that Alex makes them crazy.  I've started to gather empirical evidence for this theory -- such as how he gets the kids whipped into a frenzy, then goes to take a nice long shower while I peel them, screeching like howler monkeys, off the ceiling.

Coco's in a horrifying pattern of waking every morning at 5:30 a.m.  The only bright side is we're up and ready to take on the city before most of its residents have even gone to bed.  On Saturday morning,  I took the kids to the park with a bag of pastries for breakfast at the sandboxes.  The only other people in the park were a group of drunk middle-aged men still in their Friday night clothes, swigging from bottles and arguing amongst themselves about things only drunk middle-aged men can understand.  Occasionally one of them laid down on the ground and took a nap.  We stepped over them a few times, no big whoop, just life in the big city.  In related news....yum.... sandy croissants.

On Sunday, we ate ice cream in the morning.  (it was Berthillon on Ile St. Louis so that makes it OK.)  We eventually ended up in front of Hotel de Ville, where there was a celebration commemorating V-E Day, the end of World War II in Europe.  There were tents and events and demonstrations showcasing Europeans of every ilk.  

Nothing says "I'm glad the war is over" like potters from Poland.

Coco is a happy, fun little girl but lately we've been seeing glimpses of a scary beast, most likely a preview of what's to come.  She's also a music fanatic; as soon as she hears a few bars, she's on her feet "dancing" (she's the only one who thinks it's dancing,  the rest of us know it's just wobbling around like E.T.)  I was therefore happy to see a band setting up onstage in front of the Hotel de Ville.  It would keep her happy, which is a very good thing to all those around her.

The band was a group of German high school kids.  I think it's nice they invited the Germans to the World War II party:

I also like this guy, who was their band leader.  Is that an ascot?  I hope it's an ascot, but I fear it may just be a jaunty handkerchief --

The German high school students were very cute, very nervous, and very bad.  It was soon apparent that not only is Coco a music fanatic, she is also a music critic.  The beast in her was not pleased; she felt no desire to E.T. to that music.  Soon "the glare" emerged and her fist clenched so I wheeled her away quickly before she could devour any townspeople.

Stop squeaking that damn clarinet or the dude with the jaunty hankie gets a punch in the throat

After the hasty retreat, we went for Coco's first ride on the carousel.  She liked it.  The savage beast was soothed, and the people were glad.  Well, everyone but me, that is, because I had to ride with her and carousels make me want to hurl on the nearest festively painted animal.

 Ima let everybody live today!

A swing band started to play as we were leaving.  They were better than those poor nervous German kids.  Their first number was a swing version of "Flashdance: What a Feeling."  I thought it was a nice choice.  World War II is over?  What a feeling!

That was my crappy and inadequate summary of our weekend.  Alex enjoyed Venice but is apparently allergic to the city.  His allergies were awful there, worse than they've been in years.  We figure he must be allergic to either mold or pigeons.  Or sexy Italian men.

If you have a minute, send some positive thoughts to my dad, David.  He had an operation yesterday and we're waiting anxiously to see if it gets him walking again.  He's had a year full of debilitating pain.  He deserves better, because Dave's a good guy and a really good dad.

It sucks to live so far away.

Nothing says "peace" like Polish potters,


TN said...

Space Invaders! I plan to take photos of all of them around Paris for a friend of mine who is obsessed with Street Art.

MJ said...

The Space Invaders are everywhere. I like them. I must reply to your email soon -- I'm behind in everything in my life right now, but I'm gettin' there!

Duchesse said...

Oh the glare! What a spooky little thing she is that one! That pic where she makes a fist sent shivers down my spine;)

Don't you think that ascot-wearing guy looks a bit like Einstein?:)

Get well soon David! Sending positive energy your way!

Steve said...

I love your blog! I am currently spending a considerable amount of my boss money to read your 2+ years posts...
I am French, and all I can say about May 8 is that it nowadays has no more significance than being another public holiday. The real major topic here is most of these days off fall on Sundays this year.

MJ said...

Bienvenue, Steve. Wow, you're French. I should say that I love the French, though it may not always seem like it on my blog. I hope you find I'm not unfairly critical of your people -- I enjoy dishing it out to my own people just as well.

Yes, May 8th didn't seem to be that big of a deal. But it was still interesting to see those Polish potters.

Have a good day!

MJ said...

Hi Duchesse -- thanks for the Dad thoughts. Ugh, I hope this is the solution for him. Not good, not good.

Coco and Lucien are kind of a terrifying team, really. Me and Al's genes are apparently really something to fear.

debbie in toronto said...

MJ....nothing wrong with this post...lots of pictures...

Germans back in cream...what more does the posse want?

Fingers crossed for your Dad.....

Anonymous said...

Loved the German comment!

Prayers said for your Dad.

Take care,

Lisa said...

An inadequate post is better than no post at all. Still managed a chuckle at least once so all is not lost.

Scott said...

Don't sell this post short. You used the word "jaunty." Twice.

And you directed me to the bonfire post, which I have filed in my mind for potential future application with my 16-year-old daughter.


Marie said...

Best wishes for your dad!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Ice cream for breakfast... definitely!! New house rules: anyone who creates a howler monkey gets them for the day!

I hope your dad has a successful operation and speedy recovery... let us know.


Mrs. Howard said...

Beware of Angry!Coco and her minifist of total devastation.

*channels positive vibes to your dad.*

Kiki said...

"The beast in her was not pleased; she felt no desire to E.T. to that music."

I could easily dedicate my quotes section on FB to you, but my other oft quoted persons would likely get jealous (from the grave) and mutiny.

I hope Coco E.T.s for the rest of her life- there's something so magical about how unaffected children are when they dance. E.T. on, Coco, E.T. on.

P.S. Hope the surgery turns out well for yo' papa.

MJ said...

Wow -- a girl steps out for a few hours and returns to find all you fine people thinking about my Dad. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you -- it means a lot, a lot, a lot, really. I just talked to him and he's "cautiously optimistic." Things seem to be going better, but we'll know more in a few days.

OK, bye all. Thanks for dropping by and indulging my crap post.

Luxembourgermeister said...

Hey MJ, glad to hear your dad is cautiously optimistic and I hope the caution lessens in the coming days and he just turns back into good old Dad!

oldgreymare said...

Sending up positive wishes for your Dad out into the universe.
You are feeling the tug of home- it will come soon.
My non bloggie friends who I got addicted to you are asking me if you will continue to blog once home and if you will be funny without the readily available frenchies to parody.
I remind them we Americans are no picnic . :D


Marie said...

Coco kind of looks like she's doin' the Darth Vador choke grip. Use the Force, Coco!

It's Just Me! said...

Happy thoughts to Dad. Can't wait to meet Cokes. Oh...and what's this claim of your post being inadequate??!!? you rock.

April said...

You are the best mom ever, ice cream for breakfast? I was only allowed ice cream in very restricted amounts. Hence I eat icecream in my closet with the lights out.

I'm afraid that is a jaunty hanky.

Voyages et Abstraits said...

Merveilleux de goûter les glaces de chez 'Berthillon' sur l'Ile Saint-Louis, on dit que ce sont les meilleurs de Paris, n'est-ce pas ? et elles le sont!

Bon rétablissement pour votre père!

C'est curieux de lire la traduction de blogger)


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