Friday, August 12, 2011

Now she's talking about Barbie and Ken. This blog is going downhill fast.

August continues to be a prankster.  Sometimes the sun comes out just long enough for me to let my guard down and go outside without an umbrella.  Once I'm an inconvenient distance from my apartment, it starts raining again, though harder than before, and the clouds just laugh and laugh at their little joke.

Poor tourists -- they're standing on every street corner trying to hold their rapidly dissolving maps together. The only upside to the bipolar weather is the rainbow shortage crisis has come to an end!  Huzzah! 

Almost makes up for not having a summer this year.
Not really.

It was raining again this morning.  I'm running out of ideas for the kids, so when Virginia Mom suggested we meet up at the doll museum with a few other ladies, I went for it.  It's definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel when I take Lucien ("What's a Barbie, Mommy, OOH, can I touch her boobies?") and Coco ("stop lookin' at me like that, punk, or Ima hit you with this Barbie") to the doll museum.

The kids couldn't have cared less about the doll museum but I was happily surprised.  There was an exhibit of Barbie and Ken dolls dressed as significant people throughout history.  And believe me, you haven't lived until you've seen Ken dressed as Charlemagne.

Virginia Mom got a kick out of Ken as Toulouse-Lautrec because they cut off most of  his legs.  I enjoyed Ken as Marat relaxing in a bathtub while Assassin Barbie stands behind him with a tiny knife.

 Hope that's the best bath of your life, Marat Ken.  Godspeed.

Here's a picture of Coco telling me I did something wrong again.  I put her on the wrong animal on the carousel so she really gave me a talkin'-to.  But forget Coco -- look at the kid next to her and try to resist the urge to put him in your pocket and take him home with you.  I think my ovaries just exploded.

 Oh my gosh, a panda!

OK, I gotta run.  I know, I know it was short and kinda stupid but important things are happening over here.  Alex just returned from his work trip so I have to go sit with my chin on my hands and listen to his tales of a faraway place called "Seattle."

Here's a picture of a woman dancing with fire outside Notre Dame.  There's your dose of Paris porn until I can devote some more time to this thing.

Happy weekend,
MJ Barbie


Keith Eckstein -A Taste of Garlic said...

"Barbie and Ken dolls dressed as significant people throughout history."

In France?

On no - please tell me it's not happening!

Is France going to become Disneyland?

All the best


P.S. I'm sure they only did that doll museum thing for the American tourists?

P.P.S. No matter how worried I am about the future of civilisation (or, the future of France - the same thing, really), I now know that the world will always be in safe hands as long as boys like Lucien say things like... "What's a Barbie, Mommy, OOH, can I touch her boobies?"

P.P.P.S. Does Lucien want a job (part-time) as ethics director at A Taste of Garlic?

MJ said...

Aaaaah....Keith. How we've missed you. Good to see you back. Good, good, good to see you back!

Keith Eckstein -A Taste of Garlic said...

Glad to be back - MJ!

Anne said...

Thought we were the only ones with bipolar weather.Seems like France is the same as Ireland this Summer!

laughingsalmon said...

The twisted weirdo in me would love to have seen the Toulouse-Lautrec Ken...Mebbe a William Howard Taft Ken?

Bec Oakley said...

"Look! Boobies!" is nature's way of getting men to visit museums.

MJ said...

Anne, who ISN'T having a whacked-out weather summer? Too hot in the U.S., too cold in Europe. It's given people endless things to complain about on Twitter.

Laughing Salmon -- nice.

Bec -- hey, way to go! You did it! And you're funny! Welcome to the mojito kids in the corner. (Bec and I have a private joke, sorry....)

Bye bye all.

Bec Oakley said...

Hey MJ!

Woo, I'm a cool kid now! Except I hit publish on my comment before I was finished. And I have spinach in my teeth. Damn.

debbie in toronto said...

better late than never...

kinda silly post is better than no post at all...what kind of animal was Coco sitting on anyway? a dog? a wolf? a wart hog? wonder she was giving you a lecture!

ventured across the border on friday to a me some Target...

Duchesse said...

Yeah, I'm with Debs on that one... looks like a fox with a stripy butt... Eeeeeeerieeee...;)

And I too would rather have a silly post than no post;) Addicted much?;)

I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE for you to turn that blog into a book! I've read and reread the blog and I would still read the book (over and over again)!

Or maybe you could start your own kiddy book series "The Loosh and Coco" with a mischievous Loosh always getting in trouble and a permanently pissed off Coco swinging a 2 by 4 covered with rusty nails:) For all you know, you might be sitting on a goldmine!;)

MJ said...

Bec, I prefer people with spinach in their teeth. No problems here.

Debbie, that's a fine question, I have no idea what that animal is. Some kind of fox, I though initially, but now I'm not so sure, on account of the striped butt. Is that normal?

Duchesse!!!! Love the book ideas. I'm on it. This blog would be one helluva long book, though. Some editing would be in order. The kids book is pretty awesome, too. They could fight crime, maybe? I wouldn't mess with 'em, and in fact run from the two of them quite regularly.

Ciao again, people.

Marie said...

Agh! I am one step behind the famous American mom in Paris. My son rode the carosel outside the Jardin des Plantes the other day. He loved the museum of bones (which my husband called the museum that time forgot). We went there after seeing it on your blog.

Marie said...

PS: thank you for not letting it rain one drop on us during our trip!

Sedulia said...

Thanks for the great photo! I'm over there as soon as I get back for Ken the Sun King!


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