Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dobar Dan, Luka

Well hello there. I am on vacation and am very happy.  I originally intended to post a few pictures while on vacation and let those of you who don't know where I am guess where I am, but since I forgot the cable for my camera, I will draw you a picture instead.

Here I am in front of a beautiful sunset.  It matches my orange hair nicely, yes?

My being off-center is an accurate representation of the pictures currently stuck in my camera.  Alex can never quite figure out how to include my entire body, or even the majority of it, in a photograph.  It's a good thing he's a business guy and not a photographer guy because we would be in big trouble.

Another clue to where I am is the language -- we're saying lots of "Dobar Dan" and "Hvala" here.  I was instructed by my friend who's been here before to "speak like a Russian gangster -- all round sounds in the front of the mouth" so I've been trying hard to do that but suspect I sound like a mentally deranged woman with a mouthful of marbles.  No matter -- my efforts have been appreciated and lots of people seem to like me because they smile and clap me on the back.  It's a nice change from being in Paris.

So far on vacation, we've done a lot of looking at water and sighing deeply.  I am also doing a lot of man-staring.  I may be married, people, but I ain't dead.  The combination of dark hair and light (sultry, brooding) eyes makes me weak in the knees so I'm falling down a lot.  Alex sighs when I start talking about the beauty of the men so I've tried to stop but I can't.  How can I stop when so many of these guys look like Dr. Luka Kovac?

(Here is where it should be noted Alex has dark hair and light, sultry, brooding eyes.  I have a type, OK, people?)

Alex and I took a cable car to the fort above our mystery location.  There's a wartime museum up there, and the war was recent, so our vacay hasn't been all fun and games.  Some seriously real stuff happened here, stuff I remember watching on television, which is kind of nuts.

We decided to hike down from the fort instead of take the cable car because we wanted to look at the view, and contemplate what we'd seen in the museum, which was so at odds with the peaceful view spread out below us.  After about an hour on the trail, we remembered you should never start a hike unless you're pretty sure you know where the hike is going to end.  Our hike ended far, far away from where we wanted to be.  It ended in the middle of nowhere as it was getting dark.  There were no streetlights nor means of transportation.  So that got pretty exciting. 

As we picked our way along in the darkness, we comforted ourselves by saying things like, "We never would have done that hike with the kids!"  Because even though we were lost and in the dark, the fact we had the FREEDOM to be lost and in the dark if we felt like it was a great triumph. 

WE COULDN'T DO THIS WITH THE KIDS became the rallying cry for the rest of our vacation and led us to do some dumb things late at night, such as drinking grappa with a couple locals, just because we could. 

I will be sad to leave mystery location at the end of the week.  It's a beautiful place with a fascinating history.  We've enjoyed its food, the warmth and helpfulness of its people, and the scenery -- both of the natural island type and the man type. The dudes. Jesus Lord.

I'll be back next week with some pictures, and some tales of vacation MJ-n-Al style, which basically means we did more dumb stuff and made many people feel very uncomfortable. 

Hvala, posse,

P.S. I'm in Croatia.


Lisa said...

You had me at Dr. Luka Kovac! One of the best reasons to visit Croatia, in addition to speaking with marbles in your mouth and doing things you could never do with the kids! Have a great vacay! And enjoy the view!

debbie in toronto said...

ha...mystery? it's Croatia...enjoy you crazy kids.

Paris Paul said...

More artwork, please. Seriously. I'm not sure I'll read another post by you if there's no homegrown artwork attached. Just so's ya know.

Duchesse said...

I work for the Tribunal that prosecutes crimes committed in the mystery location, remember?;)

As far as dark and broody strangers go... you can be on a diet and still look at the menu, no?;)

Looking forward to hearing all about your mad adventures MJ-style:)


debway said...

I am dying to go to Croatia! I've been catching up on your blog for the last many months and have to tell you I love it! You are one funny lady & it's great that you made me laugh out loud. First found your blog when I was researching moving to France. And it looks like we finally got the nod from the French government that it is going to happen. Yahoo! Unfortunately you will probably just be leaving when we get there. Looks like we will move in December so my daughters can start school on Jan 3rd. We will probably be living in the suburbs (also unfortunately) as we have 2 larger dogs that need a yard. Thanks for writing such a great blog & entertaining us. Have a wonderful rest of your vacation!

It's Just Me! said...

Why did I teach you to say "Pivo Molim"? And by the way, that probably wasn't was most likely homemade Slivovitz. You're lucky you can still see.


So very glad you had a fabulous time. Soon I too will be yelling, "I would never have done this with the kids!"

Until then my dear


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